We do not have rules. We have values.

Supratech has long been an organization that has operated on a culture that represents the value that medicine is the art of making lives better, and not just saving them. This is reflected in every portion of our workflow and our ethics and the fact that we are constantly evolving even after more than a decade since our inception. Come, join us, not to work, but to build!

Be Bold. Be Open. Be you.

As a leader in the field of diagnostic medicine, we indulge ourselves in solving the problems of tomorrow. Armed with a team that values its intellectual freedom and research aptitude more than anything else, innovation and personal growth at Supratech are not benefits, but a responsibility.

Work on problems that truly matter

The primary aim around which we have grown is the burning desire to change the way that healthcare exists in our country today.We strive to excel in what the the world considers as standard of care, but more importantly, to define what the new standard of care is.

So lets change what health truly means!