Parent Care

They say “Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are growing old.”

We in our hearts never stop loving them. Just that with time; our engrossing daily life puts certain crucial responsibilities on the back-bench.

In today’s times, it often becomes even more problematic when education, work or any such similar purposes make us stay away from them. After a certain age, our parents need medical attention at all times. Our absence to take utmost care of their ageing health and their insistence of not leaving their roots, end up taking a toll on their health.

Even after those constant phone calls for their wellbeing, we somewhere within long for a clone of self to give them the care they deserve.

Not Anymore!!

Introducing SUPRATECH’s Parent Care.

A specially curated facility for elders to live healthy & independently with dignity and security.

We found that healthcare needs of ageing parents are of great concern to children, second only to security concerns. Since it is one of the reasons of constant anxiety for children residing away from their parents, Supratech has offered a helping hand to the children who wish to take care of their parents without being physically present with them all the time.

SUPRATECH’s Parent Care provides Home Visits which includes timely health check-ups of the elderly & regular updates sent to their children about every development. Although the care of a child towards his parents is unparalleled, we in your absence strive to provide the facility of guarding their health well, just like you would do. Because of the limitation of distance, the least the child could do is keep in constant touch.

We are our clients’ extended family. By working together, we can contribute to the continued quality of life for your ageing family members and give you a peace of mind.

Feel free to contact us for any suggestions and recommendations.

For home visits and blood collection facilities contact: +91 (079)-40408181