1LN biopsyFormalin fixed tissue/ sections or paraffin blocks for review.Routine histopathologyBiopsy specimen should be formalin fixed for HPE2 daysHelps in diagnostic as well as therapeutic purpose
2BM trephine biopsyTrephine biopsy fixed in formalin / B5 solution.Routine histopathologyTrephine biopsy fixed in formalin / B5 solution.3 daysHelps in diagnostic as well as staging purpose.
3Immunohistochemistry study – Lymphoma panelDiagnostic panel for leukemia and lymphoma
Done from LN and BM trephine biopsy
Leica Bond Max fully automated IHC machineFormalin fixed tissue with tumor or paraffin blocks of tumor tissue6 daysHelps in diagnostic as well as staging purpose.
List of IHC antibody
( lymphoma panel)
4Frozen section
On Cryostate
Prior notification of frozen section required for
1)     Time of frozen section
2)     Type of specimen will be sent to us for frozen
3)     What surgeon wants from frozen section
4)     Relevant clinical details
Contact no of surgeon for communication during and after frozen
Fresh specimen in a container without formalin35 mins after it reaches our laboratoryDiagnosis and decision making for additional surgery requirement
5Special stainsReticulin
Iron stain
PAS stain (done in trephine biopsy )
PAS ,ZN (done in LN biopsy to rule out infective pathology)
ManualFormalin fixed tissue or paraffin block2 daysFor diagnostic purpose.