Inherited Diseases

Inherited Diseases


Inherited Diseases

Inherited genetic disorders are caused due to variations in chromosomes or DNA.

An accurate diagnosis is essential for management, identification of “at-risk” individuals within a family and to enable prenatal testing in pregnancy.

“Old ways won’t lead to new doors”. We at the Neuberg Center for Genomic Medicine are constantly challenging existing diagnostic paradigms . With an aim to overcome limitations present in pre-designed  multi-gene panel testing we present:


Hunting for Hidden Answers in your DNA!

A uniquely designed test combining a customized phenotype based analysis to a whole exam backbone sequencing  to serve as a best test-fit for all NGS related queries

Inherited Diseases

We do not just report, we SUPPORT!

  • Pre-test support: Our team of genetic experts will help you select the most appropriate test according to the symptoms
  • Testing support: We ensure Maximum diagnostic ability and accurate results with state-of art testing facilities and bio-informatic analysis.Post testing support: We provide genetic counseling services as a part of testing to help answer your queries.

Unable to find the test you want?  We will customize it for you!