Hospital Lab Management

Laboratory services are critical to delivering high-quality patient care, but constantly changing reimbursement levels , rapidly evolving technology and chronic shortages of skilled professionals can be daunting.
We offer a compelling solution: Laboratory Management Services that can be configured to meet your needs and the needs of your medical staff.
Placing on-site laboratory operations under our management allows your team to focus on your core competency – delivering care – without sacrificing the autonomy and responsiveness of an onsite laboratory.

Following are the plethora of advantages being offered by NSRL through its HLM set up:

  • Through its well defined SOPs and quality systems, NSRL ensures adherence to processes and thus takes care of precision and quality, which forms the foundation of any pathology service.
  • Through the association, hospitals will have an access to our complete test menus (3500 tests aprox)
  • Being a service based industry, brand equity among doctors and patients is very important and NSRL proudly showcases its equity at various levels.


  • NSRL has a centre of excellence that brings expertise in various fields like Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Genetics, Molecular Biology & Microbiology.
  • Highly skilled and trained manpower from our Lab can supplement the existing hospital staff and thus would result in reduction in number of  manpower.
  • Hospitals can leverage upon the IT (information technology) infrastructure of NSRL to ensure that relevant information becomes available across the hospital as the lab management systems can be integrated with Hospital Information System (HIS). Customer relationship management can also be taken care of by NSRL.