Biochemistry is a branch of laboratory medicine that deals with various aspects of biochemical changes takes place within the cell as well as in relation to others at cellular level. Understanding this change helps in early identification and management of various disease.


The Department of Immunology at Neuberg Supratech works 24 x 7, 365 days. It is a highly interdisciplinary and interactive group focused on basic as well as specialized immunological investigations based upon multiple aspects of human diseases. All technical staffs and doctors have been trained in various aspects to acquire a unique range of technical skills and concepts to be applied to all investigations and research work. Started with manual work, it has now turned out to be a fully automated department- Machines with autoloader sampler and integrated with full proof LIS system resulting in nullifying almost all manual and transcriptional errors.


Haematology department of Neuberg Supratech has gone a long way and has attained the level of excellence to meet the requirements of international standards. The department is equipped with world class fully automated integrated Hematology analyser with automated slide preparation technology, ACL automated coagulometer, Diagast and Roller 20 for basic haematology tests. Diagast is fully automated immunohaemato analyzer using microplate hemagglutination method carrying out both forward and reverse blood grouping in each sample minimizing the interpretative error and propelling us further towards the utmost patient care. This department also performs all types of flow cytometry for diagnosis of Leukemias and all these tests are reported by highly trained professionals.


State of Art histopathology department at Neuberg Supratech performs all routine and specialized tests delivering Complete and Timely Reports with Quality and Accuracy.


Department of Microbiology at Neuberg Supratech has grown exponentially from basic microbiology to a Specialized, automated, conclusive clinical microbiology. The department operates 24×7, 365 days with a team of most senior and experienced microbiologists highly committed to accurate and timely Diagnosis and Research. All the tests and research work done is by using most advanced and latest technologies. The department is doing its excellent work in field of Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Parasitology, Mycology and virology. A blend of skill and automation has directed the department to new heights and achievements. We look forward to giving the best and conclusive clinical microbiology to Patients.


The Neuberg Center for Genomic Medicine is a perfect blend of excellence in clinical Diagnostics and cutting edge research technology to facilitate an accurate diagnosis and enable personalized medicine. The Laboratory is futuristic and provides latest investigative support in the areas of Transplantation Biology, Molecular Microbiology, Reproductive Genetics, Pharmacogenetics, Inherited Disorders, Solid Oncology and Haemato-oncology. Neuberg Genomics’ relentless perseverance towards specialization and excellence has resulted in the Department of Genetics and is now becoming one of the most advanced centers of genetics throughout India.


We take pride in having an extensive logistics coverage across India.

Quality to lead, Services to deliver-has always been the motto of Neuberg Supratech Laboratories. We have partnered with the best Courier Companies in the world who are specialized in handling temperature sensitive & time critical shipments.

With a Team having years of experience in handling time critical & sensitive shipments, we provide an end-to-end logistics solution for an efficient Sample Pick-Up Service to our esteemed clients. We offer the largest area coverage in India with our extensive logistic network extending to approximately 500 cities and towns.

Our channelized logistic partners offer a specialized temperature controlled logistics service, specially designed for Clinical research projects. The network infrastructure includes validated, puff paneled Cold room facilities at key locations for 2 to 8 degrees and 15 to 25 degrees storage. Our partners have deep freezers installed at all key locations for box preparation, to ensure immediate pickup within 2 to 4 hours of intimation.

Neuberg Supratech’s close association with many Hospitals across India makes our logistic capabilities and geographical spread an ideal associate for clinical activities in India. Our logistics operations strictly comply with IATA/ICAO transport regulations. The system ensures that the integrity of samples is maintained right from the time it is picked up till it is delivered to the processing workstation.


Clinical Trials are the basic fundamental for implementing any advance in medical science.

Over the years of its existence Neuberg Supratech has recognized this invaluable part of the Medical industry and has strived to provide services and management capabilities to clinical trial which surpass any of those found in India. Today, the division of clinical trials at Neuberg Supratech has grown into an enterprise in itself.


A dedicated group of individuals led by pathologists and supported by dedicated Quality managers and Lab technicians play a pivotal role in maintaining Neuberg Supratech as one of the premier sites for clinical trials in India. Having faced 100’s of national and international audits over the years with reference to the clinical trial setup, quality has become integral to the system.


A very crucial part of clinical trials is the logistical arrangement for coordination of sample throughout the country. By establishing its own presence combined with several representatives throughout India and a solid backend at our central lab, we ensure smooth transit and delivery of samples throughout India. With the availability of centralized tracking, we are always aware of the location of the shipment.


Being a CAP and NABL accredited laboratory for the last several years, we have always created a benchmark in quality. With specialized departments in Hematopatholgy, Immunology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Histoanatomicpathology and Genetics, each equipped with the most cutting edge technology and more importantly equipped with the right people, excellence is our culture.


Every section of Neuberg Supratech’s proprietary software has been developed keeping clinical trials as an integral part. In order to minimize typographical errors, Supratech also offers clients indirect access to our software which removes one complete step of sample details typing. In addition to this , all reports are available at These reports are stored on the cloud server for as long as needed and access to them can be easily arranged.


One of our major interests in to develop new targets which push the borders of science as well. As a result Neuberg Supratech has constantly developed new tests as per the need of the market as well as those of our clients. This novel approach allows us to create a niche for the most demanding clients with the most modern test requirements.