1Frozen section-On Cryostate Prior notification of frozen section required for 1) Time of frozen section
2) Type of specimen will be sent to us for frozen
3) What surgeon wants from frozen section
4) Relevant clinical details
5) Contact no of surgeon for communication during and after frozen
Fresh specimen in a container without formalin35 mins after it reaches our laboratoryDiagnosis and decision making for additional surgery requirement
2Liquid based cytology (urine)-By special technique background material is reduced and hence individual cells can be seen clearly to detect early cancerSpecimen to be collected in plain tube and transported as early as possible. In case of delay keep and refrigerator and transport with coolent.24 hrsHelps early detection of cancer by better visualization of individual cells
3Immunohistochemistry studyA)    Urinary bladder
· CK7
· CK20
·  P63
·  CK5/6
·  S100
·  P53
B) Kidney Panel
· CK7
· CK20
· Vimentin
· CD10
· Pan CK
· CAM 5.2
· WT1
· C4d
C)     Prostate/Testicular panel
· P63
· CK7
· CK20
· ER
· CK5/6
· CD30
· CD117
Leica Bond Max fully automated IHC machineFormalin fixed tissue with tumor or paraffin blocks of tumor tissue3-5 daysHelps in diagnostic purpose
4Same day biopsy reportingFor small biopsyMicrowave based testFormalin fixed tissue to be received before 12.00 noon and report will be done by same day before 7 o’clockSame day In defined timeFaster decision making for surgeons to decide on definitive plan